On-Site Training

On-site training offers your team the kind of change that can only come from working one-on-one with a seasoned expert. With On-Site training, we handle it all—bringing the instructors and the course to you. Personalized material including programming language and framework can be selected based on your company immediate needs, so your employees can be productive on day one right after on-site bootcamp. And remember we are teaching only 100% hands-on bootcamps.

As part of our commitment to your team, our training advocates and expert instructors take the time to gain insight into the backgrounds and roles of attendees, your desired outcome for the training, and any special areas of emphasis. The delivery is then tailored specifically to your audience, ensuring that you and your team benefit from focused training in a small group environment.

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Agile Test Automation

Do any of the following describe you or your organization:

  • Are you having a hard time building resilient tests that don’t break?
  • Are you part of an evolving micro services architecture based system?
  • Are you building more component-based UI architecture?
  • Are you looking for patterns and practices that help scaling test automation?

We can help you to resolve such problems in 5 steps:

  1. Quickly unfold production level test automation framework — Mobile or/and Web
  2. Automate Acceptance tests against stubbed responses
  3. Build CI pipeline using Jenkins — Build + Test + Deploy
  4. Embed Automated Acceptance test into CI
  5. Distribute tested build  via Crashlytics or HockeyApp

We have experience with automating tests for Rest API, Native (Android & iOS), Hybrid and Web applications.

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Crowd Testing

Success of software release primarily depends on speed of feedback. Although test automation helps speedup releases and deliver more quality into internally distributed builds, manual testing is still the main force behind software quality. BayQATraining team believes that great test automation solution with highly trained team of manual tester can significantly increase quality and speed of software release. Therefore we have partnered up with one of the best outsourcing companies in the industry –  Performance Lab. You may visit Performance Lab site for more info.