BDD Testing is a New Industry Standard

Writing functional tests is the new requirement for Continuous Integration systems…

Every software company, regardless of its size, is attempting to release their products more quickly. Releases have gone down from annual cycles to daily cycles. All of this becomes possible with faster regression testing. New automation frameworks that have emerged in recent years have helped to bring regression testing time down from weeks to hours. However a lot of software engineering teams throughout the industry could not react to these changes fast enough, and retrain their manual testers and software developers to adjust to new industry standards. Bay QA Training takes the role of providing enough training in order to break the ice in the Quality Assurance industry. We will teach existing software engineers and test engineers in small group classes to utilize the best QA practices that industry dictates. In Bay QA Training, we select courses based on demand in the software development world. We focus on skills such as automating Web Applications, Android, iOS, and Mobile Web apps, along with Testing APIs and Web Services using Behavior Driven Acceptance framework — Cucumber.

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