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Video: Scalable iOS Test Automation with XCUITest and Swift 3 (Online)

Scalable iOS Test Automation with XCUITest and Swift 3 (Online)

Starts on 05/22/17

Note: You must have Mac for this bootcamp In 7-sessions on-line bootcamp you will learn how to build production-level test framework in XCode for iPhone app using Swift 3 programing language and XCTest + UiTesting library  What are the prerequisites? Basic knowledge of OOP concepts ( any programming language) Be comfortable to navigate around XCode Why XCUITest …

Automating Facebook REST API services with Cucumber & Ruby (Online)

Starts on 06/01/17

Cucumber + Ruby + HTTP Library In 8 online classes we will teach you how to test REST-services and automate this process with help of Cucumber + Ruby and HTTP library. You will not be able to find similar bootcamp anywhere since you will not only learn art to testing and automating REST APIs but will also …

Test Automation for Android with Espresso

Starts on 08/24/17

In 5 online sessions you will learn how to automate Android functional tests with Espresso, the Native Android Library which is part of standard Android SDK. Why Espresso? It is very fast! No need to use waits/sleeps to synchronize UI and test Code Makes tests more durable and reliable across platforms Automatically synchronizes test code and …

The Ultimate Mobile Test Automation Bootcamp — Reinvent Your Career in 8 weeks

Starts on 09/23/17

Please contact us via live chat or prior to making $500 deposit for registration! You must make $500 deposit payment in order to register for this bootcamp Payment schedule due dates: 09/28/2017 – $1000 10/18/2017 – $1000 11/9/2017 – $1000 Reinvent Your Career in 8 weeks! This training is for manual testers who want: make a shift …