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Mobile Continuous Integration with Jenkins and Docker (in-classroom bootcamp)

Starts on 10/21/17

Early Bird registration! Use Coupon 960-284-001 during checkout to get 50% OFF  expires 9/22 Note: you must have Mac for this class In 2 day hands-on bootcamp, you will learn how to work with GitHub, build a true Continuous Integration system using Jenkins server and bring two worlds together by triggering Jenkins CI from GitHub. You will also …

Coding Interview Preparation Bootcamp (In-Classroom)

Starts on 11/11/17

Early Bird registration! Use Coupon 425-957-641 during checkout to get 50% OFF  expires 9/22 In this 2-day bootcamp, you will learn  how to solve most asked interview programming questions. Since this is going to be 100% hands-on bootcamp, you would need to  bring your PC or Mac into classroom What to expect in classroom? Prepare you for interview by …