No Test Automation Experience | Will Industry Accept Me?

Yeah! I know this doubt is plaguing most of the QA community now-a-days. 

No Test Automation experience Will Industry accept me

Why You don’t have automation experience?

Typical question! Typical answers are:


  • I was too busy and content with Manual Functional testing + playing a test lead role.
  • Back then there was not a do-or-die situation
  • I was already working 12 hours a day
  • There was no technical & career guidance
  • Automation is just for confirmation, manual testing is more exploratory & fun
  • I was content & into my comfort zone
  • The workload was already hectic
  • I could not see the future trends
  • Thought test lead will also have a career path
  • Didn’t know manual & automation skills would merge
  • Wanted my work-life balance



Automation vs. Manual Testing trade-off 

What people couldn’t do via automation, they cover it via Manual testing – strengthening their concepts year-on-year. Some Manual testers work really hard and excel in their current role. They’ve built a reputation with the technical and the business team by understanding how-what-why of business and application. Prepared articulate reports. Suggested testing & process improvement areas. Trained the future resources. Implemented best practices. Questioned incorrect processes. Built client relationship. Learned & practiced Agile. Got some new business to the project. Handled multiple releases in parallel. Jumped to Content Management and Salesforce projects. Got involved in estimations. Prepared management decks & sliders you name it..

Automation overtakes Manual Testing

Agree or not, in the last couple of years software testers have seen the writing on the wall: as test operations grow increasingly automated, scripting skills are essential to grow your career in Software Testing. Software testers with only manual testing skills won’t cut it in today’s job market. Test automation is on the rise…

The Job descriptionAutomation suite maintenance

Now the real problem started. On job portals, what do you think will be the job description for a 7+ year’s experienced Test resource? Yeah!

Test Expert | Team leader | Automation architect | Performance engineer | Agile | Automation frameworks | SDET | Selenium, HPE UFT, Appium, Load Runner, JMeter, Java, Python, etc.…

The expectations have suddenly risen but not the experience. Unfortunately some people  were building some different career path which would not fit in today’s job market.

I ‘know’ Test automation

Suddenly the time came to face the reality. To cope up, how can you learn 7 years of missed automation in just 1 or 2 years? Start sprinting. Search for tutorials, join classes (yes, experienced testers are also queuing for automation classes) and practice every day. It’s time to pay for your sins. Learn Mobile automation, be technology-aware and start scripting. And when you feel comfortable, add that prestigious ‘automation testing’ title to your resume 😉


So What are you waiting for?

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  1.  We are not typical bootcamp. We teach through day-to-day work tasks using Agile approach. From day one you will start automating real test cases from real test plan of a real startup Android app. Thus you will gain real experience. You may download app from PlayStore prior to the class to play with it
  2. You will work in pair just like at real world job. Pair programming is proven to be very effective and used heavily industry wide.
  3. You will experience best software development practices:
    Each test case code will be committed to common GitHub repository via PullRequest
    Upon successful code review and merge, we will trigger Jenkins Pipeline — Build, Test, Deployment to Fabric
  4. Besides writing resilient tests, we will teach you all of other important pieces — Jenkins setup and GitHub Flow
  5. We will prepare you for interview by teaching you how to solve various programming problems
  6. We even help you to review and alter you resume

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